Richard A. Antonius

Richard A. Antonius (real name: Ryszard Antoniszczak) Born in 1947 in Nowy Sacz, Poland.
Visual artist, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland.
R. A. Antonius is a writer, film director, animator, graphic artist, book illustrator and painter. Co-founder and songwriter of the music group Zdrój Jana at the same academy.
He was a film director at Animated Film Studio in Krakow, where he created many films, awarded at numerous festivals. He is the author of the fairy tale and
internet character Miki Moth - the bookworm, whose adventures are well-known from Polish Television as well as three published novels for children.

R. A. Antonius lives and works in Europe, in Sweden and Spain. He is a creator of CREO+ART - an unique SciArt style based on his artistic speculations in cosmology.

As a writer he writes in Polish and Atlango. (As an enthusiast of constructed languages he has created language ATLANGO.)
He is the author of the adventure and fantasy novel: “The Eighth Island, or the Mysteries of Qanaria”.

In 2015, he published a big book for adults Czas beboka (The Time of Boogeyman). In 2017 he has published his new novel: OMNIUM.

Some most important PORTFOLIOS with RAA visual art are here: Portfolio CREO+ART. Portfolio P A I N T I N G S .Portfolio THE ANTONIUS CODE

Here you can read some Short novels by RAA in English. Here you can read some Short novels by RAA in Polish.

If you want to meet the author and his art, just go to Facebook and visit: Gallery AAA Antonius

Contact with the artist: antonius(at)

Copyright © by Richard A Antonius
My ebook on Amazon: Miki Moth and The Magical Time Chest. (For CHILDREN)  
More than 70 illustrations by me.  
My ebook on Amazon: THE ANTONIUS CODE.  
a new insight into THE CYCLIC UNIVERSE !  

If you like to ponder over the deepest mysteries of the world, if you are curious about unconventional theories about the origin of our universe -
then this awesome ebook is certainly for you. Richard A Antonius - writer, filmmaker and graphic artist - in his richly illustrated essay recounts his
search for the beauty in the construction and mechanics of the Universe.
He reveals his own, unconventional, bold discoveries and he develops hypotheses about the cyclic nature of the Universe.

After reviewing The Antonius Code, your understanding of the meaning of our existence in this cycle of the world certainly will be enriched. The author also presents his paintings in Creo+Art - a style based on Antonius Code.